THRIFTED: Striped Jumpsuit

   Thrifting. A lot of people think that thrift shopping is cheap or disgusting but LOL that is so not true. The thing is, you won’t yet know the feeling of finding something so beautiful or precious for a ridiculously small price especially when that thing is new with tags. Every now and then, I do a little bit of thrift shopping and I absolutely love it! I remember scoring a really cute purse and a pair of boots one time, I couldn’t be happier. I could have gone to buy them for the rel retail prices which are like £40 but i got them for like £5.


   Another one of my favourite thrift buys happens to be this really cute striped Jumpsuit originally from New Look. I got them for only £5 and they were new with the tags on. I’m not proud to say this but this is my first and only jumpsuit that I own and I just thought to myself that ‘oh I don’t own any jumpsuit, why not just get it”. I like it because I can style i with anything..stilettos, flats, boots, etc. As you can see above, I style the jumpsuit with a pair of white stilettos with gold spikes from Justfab and a cute little purse I got from Primark for just £3.
   This jumpsuit s perfect for many occasions like parties,dinner parties, birthdays, or just a casual day out. What matters the most is how you style to meet the particular occasion, i.e., what shoes you wear it with, what purse you match with, or what kinds of accessories you decide to wear.

   Now I hope you all enjoyed this post and like me, you are inspired to add jumpsuits to one of your favourite wardrobe staples. Thank you for reading & tell us about that one kind of clothing you rarely invest in. Comment below & remember to JOIN THE BABE SQUAD!!🙋🙋


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I am Abimbola Ogunsanya. A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and influencer from London, UK. I am also a fashion designer.

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